Endless Dream

weary face hopeful_
endless dream
  • My first haiku-style verse. It is in a 3-5-3 syllable count, but is meant to be metaphorical and have multiple interpretations, unlike haiku.
  • Sandman created by Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, Sam Kieth for DC comics.
  • Medium: Oil pastels and coloured pencils on black paper.
  • Typeface: Jim Nightshade, Zeyada

2 Responses:

HellFragger said...

I like the painting very much. Also the haiku verse. Aptly paired.
Brevity allows equal attention time to both pieces. I like that a lot. And while I look at the painting, the haiku verse is tumbling inside my mind. I note this only because I have a great dislike for giant verses accompanied by paintings. I find balance lacking in that case.
It was a pleasant surprise to the Jim Nightshade typeface, as I was trying a similar one with italic nibs a few days back.

And your experiments with typefaces yield yet another good work. It's perfect.

the guy who typed this. said...

Agree with 'Hellf' on quite a few points there. :)